Killer Quads

by Ashley Gibbons on December 18, 2019

Want big ripped quads? Keep reading.

Like skipping leg day? Poor excuse. Leg day should be your favourite day. Otherwise you look like a cock (big up top, nothing down below.... lower... get your mind out of the gutter)

The quadriceps muscle can be difficult to grow. Unless you are a genetic freak, you'll need to work them hard. A lot. But be careful not to overtrain them, and also pay attention to your surrounding muscles around the glutes and hamstrings to ensure everything is working and growing together.

Before you jump straight in though, ensure that you are properly warmed up.

I like to spend 10-15min on the treadmill at an easy pace (5-6km/h), just to get the muscles working in union. Use this time to post to your socials, reply to emails, or drop some sick beats in your ears.

From there, its the foam from hell. A regular foam roller, or a Vibrating massage foam roller will both do the job, but you'll get more stimulation from the vibrating massage roller. If you can spare the extra dollars, get one. Likewise with a vibrating massage ball over a standard trigger type massage ball. But either will do.

If you want to step it up a notch, a massage gun will offer a much more thorough, although possibly more painful yet strangely therapeutic alternative, again if you can stretch the budget a bit further.

Once you are warmed up, its time to move some weight.

To chase big quads (or just big legs in general) you'll need to hit high weight, but also maximum volume (note unless you like injuries, the two don't go together, unless you're a genetic freak, or on some "alternative medicine".

Supersets are the go, fatigue, push through, repeat.

Weight will need to be set comfortably to begin with, and escalate from there. Whilst you want to tear muscle to rebuild, you don't want to drop to the floor in agony on your first set. Ease into it and build up session after session with small manageable increments. Tracking is the key. Whether on an app or a notepad, just do it.

Start off with something like this.

Superset 1:

Barbell Squat

  1. 15 reps

  2. 12 reps

  3. 10 reps

Dumbell Squat

  1. 15 reps

  2. 12 reps

  3. 10 reps

Superset 2:

Leg Extensions

  1. 20 reps

  2. 15 reps

  3. 12 reps

Walking Lunges

  1. 30 steps each leg

  2. 20 steps each leg

  3. 10 steps each leg

Superset 3:

Lying Down Squat Press

  1. Light weight / Warm up weight. 35 reps

  2. Warm up weight 30 reps

  3. Warm up weight 25 reps

Single Leg Extensions (light weight)

  1. 15 reps

  2. 15 reps

  3. Rep to failure

After that, hopefully you don't have to go down stairs, or drive a manual car.

But do that once / twice a week and you will see gains. (Nutrition is important too, but that's a whole other topic.